Old Website Revamp Services

Some things get better with time, but obsolete websites don’t. Many things change every year on the internet: more streamlined user interfaces, mobile-focused pages, minimalistic graphic design.

Old websites are technically penalized by search engines, making them harder to find on Google or Bing. Moreover, since your website is your public business card it should reflect the best qualities of your product and services and present your company in an appealing way, both visually and textually.

Of the users evaluate a website based on its aesthetic appeal and user friendliness

Time that people take to form an opinion about your website

As your business model is evolving, your online presence should follow. This does not mean throwing away everything that worked and redesigning your website from the ground up, but rather optimizing the existing resources and finding new ways to stay relevant in the current market.

From user interface, forms, live chats, to textual and visual content, a modern website is easier to navigate, more responsive, and it converts more.

At Azimuth, we like to provide cost-effective website development solutions in Dubai and beyond that offer the most bang for your buck. We consult with you to pin down your goals, and we make your old website fast, easily maintainable, and SEO-friendly.

Our Website Development Offerings:

As-is Analysis

Our experts analyze your website to determine critical points to be improved

UX and UI Design

We design the new UX and UI,to make browsing easier for your customers

Development and Integrations

We update the code and develop integrations with third-party apps for your marketing insights and automation goals


We make sure your website stays up to date and quickly fix any unforeseen problem that might cause downtime

Improve traffic on your digital channels with our consultancy services, now extending to Riyadh.

Book a free consultation now to explore how we can elevate your business in both Dubai and Riyadh.