Funnel Optimization Consultancy Services

How do customers reach your website? And what are the steps involved in making an online purchase?

If you have an e-commerce or advertise your e-commerce services online, funnel optimization is vital to increment the number of leads that decide to become customers.

Funnel optimization takes into account the whole user journey, from the click on your ad or an organic search result to payment finalization. Each and every point in this path needs to be as user-friendly and streamlined as possible to avoid frustration and offer a superior shopping experience compared to your competition. Funnel marketing is also about the brand image: what you communicate through the customer journey is what the user identifies as your company values.

Traditionally, funnel optimization is seen as a fixed, linear process going from discovery to purchase and ideally becoming a brand advocate. However, humans rarely follow a linear path, and most users will experience these steps in a different order, and with different timings. Understanding users and empathizing with their various way of interacting with your sales funnel can ultimately result in less dispersion and a higher conversion rate.

Azimuth is a one-stop shop for marketers and CEOs looking for funnel optimization, offering a complete array of services, from as-is analysis, to funnel design, web development, integrations, and analytics.

Revamp Your Sales Funnel Today:


Get feedback on your current funnel structure and on which steps in the customer journey could be improved


Reshape your ads, landing pages, and forms following the latest and most effective trends in digital marketing


Republish your new and improved campaign and let your customers know what’s new on your website


Keep track of your funnel results with precise data showing conversion rate and missed opportunities

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