Are You an SEO DIYer? SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization is the process of adapting your website’s content and technical features to better fit Google’s algorithms and rank higher in search result pages. This process implies creating written content containing certain keywords, as well as building a list of backlinks to your URL and designing a modern user interface.

Why you need SEO - in numbers

Under 1 minute

The all-in time of the average Google search session

Of online experiences begin with a search engine

Of users never scroll past the first page of search results

The average organic click-through rate (CTR) the first Google desktop search result gets

SEO Audit experts use tools such as SEMrush to measure the performance of any given website, analyzing traffic, bounce rates, backlinks, focus keywords, and tens of other parameters.

Azimuth digital offers SEO Audit services to corporate marketing teams of any size. Our state-of-the-art tool and professionalism are at your disposal to understand how your strategy is performing and provide a fresh look on your website’s SEO.

Our SEO Offerings:

Competitor Analysis

Get valuable insights on how industry leaders are approaching Google optimization

SEO Assessment

Find out how your website is performing, and what are your most successful initiatives

Actionable Intelligence

Get a full SEO report that isolates areas to be improved, and continuously monitor your digital estate

Improve traffic on your digital channels with our consultancy services, now extending to Riyadh.

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