Online Presence Review

89% of users Google a company before buying their products or services, according to research by FleishmanHillard.

When the vast majority of your leads get a first impression about your company from the Internet, daily management of online assets becomes of the essence, both for B2B and B2C organizations. Your online presence is your storefront, business card, and company profile, all at once.

Many different elements concur in creating a strong online image: appealing visuals and copywriting, a pleasant user experience, SEO-friendly content, and a multichannel social media and email marketing strategy.

Lastly, you also need to monitor what others say about your business, be it user reviews or newspaper articles.

Keeping track of all of these elements while working on your business strategy can be overwhelming.

This is why at Azimuth we help ambitious marketing executives and business owners with the management of their digital footprint. After closely examining your online presence, we can offer you recommendations and ideas on how to improve your online presence and consequently increase your conversion rate.

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SEO Review

Is your website well equipped for ranking high on Google queries?

Content Analysis

Is your content well-targeted, culturally appropriate, and catchy?

PR Strategy

What is your online reputation? Are other websites talking about you?

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