Let Online Advertising Work for You

Sponsored content and online advertising refer to paid campaigns, aimed at getting new leads or converting more existing clients, based on specific keywords or buyer personas that the platform segments based on region, language, demographics, and preferences.

Online advertising is the main battleground of competing firms in almost every industry. Many marketing managers are willing to pay exorbitant premiums to be associated with the hottest trending keywords. But paid strategy goes far beyond emptying your company’s pockets hoping for good returns.

Azimuth specializes in assisting ambitious companies in creating cost-efficient, well-targeted paid campaigns. We constantly follow developments in the ads algorhitms to offer a state-of-the-art PPC consultancy for your multi-channel advertisements.

First, we need to single out the goal of your campaign: do you want to receive more phone calls from potential leads? Do you want loyal customers to read your new booklet? Or maybe redirect them to a specific landing page?

Once we agree on a customized strategy to reach your target, we help you create irresistible content to drive as many clicks as possible into your sales funnel.

Our PPC Services:
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Campaign Strategy

We agree on your target and sales funnel to create result-driven ads.

Content Creation

We write on-brand copy and create stunning visuals to capture new leads.


We implement the campaign and make continuous adjustments.


We liaise with you to offer clear ROI numbers and agree on how to proceed further.

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Improve traffic on your digital channels with our consultancy services, now extending to Riyadh.

Book a free consultation now to explore how we can elevate your business in both Dubai and Riyadh.